a letter to another father figure...

"dear edward seversen III

i've been playing hide and seek for a while creating tiny shells to squeeze my soul into… many times i’ve looked ahead and didn’t get the sense to actually believe it was true. but now, i know it for sure. it’s weird the way you as a wave, smash your soul against the rocks, in my dreams. as in reality you would pull your hair back and show me that your mannerisms are so much like my own. it’s not you as a man i seek, it’s you as a human. the greatness in your smile will inspire even the blind non-listener up at the white house toilet seat… the human i seek heals and brings hope through a soft speaking voice. i know it’s real, i’ve been there… i’ve been healed. and know that you’re not idolized. you probably may smell all sweaty at chaotic moments and your hair may look greasy sometimes… there are days you find yourself in bad mood, destroying your trust in humanity, but i know that all of that is just fine. for a healer must be first and foremost a real living person. i know your life experiences may be tough and more than that. they were all yours. that makes you even more special, for when one looks into your eyes (even looking at a photograph or a dvd from your last motherfucking great concert), one finds those sparkles that only you possess. do you know deep inside you are actually this special? probably don't. cause you know that all humanity has this glow somewhere, you are different because you worked to be... don't you see? it is even bigger now... the waves are getting wilder, the ocean as the planet's stomach can't take this crap any longer, can it?... i know you've been struggling. i sense it. you've been putting up with counsciousness since day number one. and i want you to know, whenever you look into a great audience of humans like you, wherever you find a drop of rain bringing hope to an arid piece of land, know that you'll do it... know that i'll follow your strength too, and then we all shall make it through..."