deus do céu! se tivesse um post pra cada música do pearl jam eu ia ter que parar de trabalhar, respirar e viver pra poder expressar tudo o que me faz pensar quando ouço aquilo que já fez muita gente chorar e sorrir tanto, por um tempo tão longo... então aqui vai uma muito boa:

Education (eddie vedder)
I'm questioning my education.
Is my education who I am now? While you're deciding, I've been finding. Looking around in the here and now. If I've been taught from the beginning. Would my fears now by winning? I'm questioning my own equation. Is my own equation relevant somehow? The flags are waving, the news is breaking. See the man who can't pick out his own tie. If I've been taught from the beginning, would my fears now be winning? A wild world, figuring out the answers. I'll be in my own dance and I, I, yeah, I, I... I'm questioning my education. Rewind and what does it show? Could be, the truth it becomes you. I'm a seed, wondering why it grows.