rock is a process

"(...) Rock ‘n’rolland Bob Dylan exploded from the slowly evolving folk traditions of Dave Van Ronk and Ritchie Havens and embraced the rock form by sheer force of willis getting old. If it embraces the issues of ageing, it will age. Or would you say it is becoming universal now, free of limitation and constraint? Against all the odds I put up in my own jaundiced middle-age, rock is not dead. Neither is it right. Or wrong. Or a new religion. Or an answer. Or even a question. It’s a process. An island. Walk on, walk off. The kids in my imaginary band The Glass Household in Wire & Glass describe the process as breathing, exploding, imploding, climbing a stairway to a door made from a mirror, and walking through, expecting oblivion in a Black Hole, instead finding a slow after-show party. (...)"


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