cuddle. love this word.

"What the fuck is this world?
Running to your dead end
leave a message at least i cuddle in
your voice one last time."

porch by pearl jam

cuddle me. cuddle me hard, like a rocking baby in need of warming, waiting for a nice cup of coffee and a nice cup of joy. cuddle me in the night, in your chamber, in your armchair, in your decreased strength, in your skinny arms. you would hear me cry, hear me sigh, would you? would you be mad to hear me saying i love him too, that i care for him but that i want you, would you? cuddle me, i don't need an answer. i'm not in need of need. i'm out the need of not needing at all, fuck it, i need it. i won't just let you know it, i'll be perfectly honest, but who told you honesty would break us? no one. and it won't. you'll cuddle me, all night. i'll hear you too, you'll see, pray for you even if i don't believe in any divinity, you are my aye devanita, my dearest, beloved, be-lo-ved. i do love. cuddle me. don't stray. pray with me, we don't fucking believe in it but we believe in miracles, don't we? don't stray... stay, say, we'll be prey. yes, my dearest. lighting... cuddle me. oh, i won't run away. and you will tell me i was silly "silly girl", you'll say, we will laugh over this and you will gaze... look beyond stars over my skin and you trust me with your life, and i'll trust you mine. and i'll tell you how dramatic can i be and i'll feel funny because you already know it and you "love it in you..." it's so you, to just know me. so please, all i ask you tonight is to cuddle me. please. i'm in need of your need to be beside me.