na lata de lixo amassada

encontrei essa carta, na lata de lixo amassada, comida por ratos e manchada de óleo preto e grosso que cheirava a comida de semanas atrás. sem nome de quem escreveu ou pra quem deveria ter sido - ou foi - e uma duvida de se era importante ficou na minha cabeça... e aqui a reproduzo:

" When I stopped trying to fall asleep and got up, after I walked the dog a little bit so she would poo and pee and when I was ready to go to work, I saw the sun rising and I felt the cool breeze of the morning in my face and I wished you were there with me.

When I sat outside the cafe with a cup of coffee I wished you were there telling me about your day and your night and the time you were all by yourself. I wanted to know what you feel like and what you want to do...

I came back inside and read a bit about the history of United States presidents and their first ladies... I read about Hillary and Bill Clinton when they were young and all the things they went through together, I read about Barack and Michelle Obama and everything they went through together. I wanted to have a White House, where you'd be president and I'd be your first lady.... but I'd refuse to have my room at the east wing, I'd like to have one right next door to yours at the west wing and help you decide the future of our country... our little country....

I wish I had you right here so you'd show me this cool solo you came up with that reminds you of dog fashion disco - if I got the name right - and I wish you could forgive me for being such an annoying woman and would take me as I am, so I could be less of a witch... I share the same sign as Hillary and I think that says a lot haha.

I wanna be your first lady, your rock'n'roll wife, your wealthy queen, your poor man's wife, your exotic conquest and your mistress wise.

I guess all I wanted to say was I love you."