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o Flea (vulgo Michael Balzary - o moço aí de cima) escreve emails para o perdido qualquer que ouse entrar no site dos peppers e não clicar direto nas fotos... aqui vai o último que ele mandou. simplesmente fora de série.
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Date: Friday, December 8, 2006
From: "Michael Balzary"
To: members@redhotchilipeppers.com
dec 8 over here in austria
its very late at night
528 am to be exact
been watching the news
i must say this whole war in iraq has seemed to move a modicum in a
more positive direction
with this study group's report that talking to people and trying
might be better than silence and rhetoric and the threat of violence
certainly a dialogue with iran and syria is better than none
if there was one problem worked out through the course of dialogue
then it would be worth it
talking can only help
and even for those people who think it is of paramount importance for
the u.s.a. to be the biggest political and economic influence in the
surely they can see that continuing this absurd war in iraq in the
current manner has only diminished respect and influence for the
united states world wide
of course, invading iraq was a catastrophic mistake from the get go
but at least this report being taken seriously by the united states
government is a small step in the right direction
the invasion of iraq was a moronic move that made the world a much
less safe and less happy place to be
and the hugest blunder of the united states during my life
time...........well i guess vietnam was a pretty bad waste of lives
this war has done nothing to stop terrorism it has only made it worse
on the tragic day when al qaeda took out the twin towers
a day that pains all of our hearts
al qaeda and osama bin laden were pointed out as the perpetrators and
we were told by our government they would be brought to justice
so they invaded iraq whose government had nothing to do with al qaeda
or with any radical religious fanaticism at all
under false pretenses, and made up lies about the weapons of mass
destruction they were supposed to have which were a threat to the u.s.a.
which iraq had none of
so they bomb the hell out of iraq
then they find saddam hussein in a hole with some snickers bars and
it is supposed to have some bearing on the terrible tragedy of sept
something to do with stopping terrorism?
after sept 11th, the world felt for the united states, the sane world
cared about us
until the bush operation awe and kill or whatever the hell it was
iraq was a sanctioned to death country which was no threat to the
u.s. at all, not to mention led by a secular government...
and yes, a lunatic of a leader who ruled his country in a terrible
way.......were they invading iraq to save the locals from the evil
if so......where was our caring government during the genocide in
rwanda not so many years before?
or in darfur now?
geez....anyone who has paid any attention at all knows all this stuff
so why am i still blabbing on about it?
because thousands and thousands of people die violently for a lie?
and it continues unabated?
because for some reason completely beyond me there are those out
there who still think the invasion of iraq was somehow justified
anyways, maybe the u.s.a. can train these iraqi troops and leave a
place they have had no business being in the first place
maybe it is possible for people to have peace over there
maybe they can have their own government
maybe love is better than war
maybe diplomacy is better than dropping bombs on human beings
maybe there doesn't need to be bodies of disfigured children lying in
the street
maybe a tenth of the effort put into something as ridiculous as the
war in iraq
put into trying to create peace and understanding
could have a positive effect
maybe the united states which i love so much
could have a department of peace as well as a department of war .