the orange house blues

what if it's a lost battle?
is it worth saving me?
what if it's already written in the all seeing eye's book my fatal destiny?
is it still considered a dream?
to dream in light one light's need?
will there be a next time?
when time's suffering for me?
is it okay to just figure?
to joke about one's need?
even when it's my need, is it okay?
let's say, what if by the end of the week my feet will grow weak?
what about discovering my heart can't keep up with the beat?
many answers wait...
no answers i get...
no shit, i'll pass...
for this, i believe, i hold on to my means.
don't have to cuddle me, no pea.
would you be fine knowing it's the last time?
you can spit, beat or crack me up, i won´t deny, but will you be fine?
not a valentine you'll miss, it's the world you lost and pissed...

has it crossed your mind?
that I might just sleep and won't be awake?
see that window? it has been shut down, as I've slept all these years...
"how sad" you'll say...
there's no way i won't care for you dear,
too bad i'm too sad to get over this time.
life sucks, it cant change much, I know.
but now I'll fight for what i don't know...
and it's big...
i can see it though...
it will take me and give me wings, you know?
no you don't right?
as hard as rain falling, breaking car's tops
but you still can't see it, or hear it...
goodbye dear.
as much as it hurts me, fuck off.
it's been too long and too heavy and too harsh on me: this girl who will carry all the wolrd's perishing... too much.
and you'll agree now
so fuck off.
let me spit so I won't take your taste with me.