pretty idle moment

i'm part of this road--
i was seen on this pavement before,
i had dreams and sins printed
on these left side doors--
i had my thoughts brightly filtered
in eyes as grey as these whores',
i brought up words of thoughts
filled with fear, damn old fear--
i never really thought in blocks
but you've showed to me how to
throw back these rocks--
and at what cost?
i'm glad your my main war fought
my biggest cause that's been lost.

the hunger strikes --
it strikes like it shines,
it shines through my bones
my skin
my spine --

i prepare a meal
i wonder why i kept this deal,
you and i alternating spots
on this spoiled field--
wonder why, oh why
i had to heal--
i'll forget to practice
my negative
unwilling yield,

and now i ask
in joyful tone
i'll ask to leave--
promise you
i won't promise a thing
for the winds' been blowing
to hard
for any mend