i want i want i want

"Hold me and make it
the truth, that when all is lost there will be you"
Love Boat Captain
do Pearl Jam
You`re sad. You have sad eyes and the skin around your lips is soft. The features of your face show me your raw tenderness, gentleness in flesh, bones and blood. I desire you. I want you so much that even the feeling disguises my tendencies to understand the reasoning. Your hair is loose again. The way that freezes me, making small amount of waves around your neck. I want you but I cannot have you. I could even imagine your words slapping me in the face, making my eyes pop out, bringing me to the realization of my own neglected punishment: you`re too much for me.
Lion`s gold. Beautiful yellow sunshine sparkles in the darkness of your candle-lightened gray room. The skin of your backs rubbing against the rough carpet floor and my weight being turned into red flames over you… you want my flame. You require my anguish. And you taste me in your dealing lips, touching masks.
You`re definitively too much for my sins.
But you know what? I really want you. Badly.
Too much.
As widely much as you are to me.